Inventory: Video Overlays

O = Original

W = Willis (This company, in 1982, made these reproductions with different artwork. They are made out of the same heavy material and have bright colors.)

A = Aftermarket (Unknown manufacturer, different artwork.)

Overlay Name




Alley Master O $10 Leland Cinematronics
Asteroids Deluxe W $20
Baseball – The Season 2 O $20  Cinematronics
Beastie Feastie O $10 some issues
Breakthru O $20 Data East
Buggy Challenge O $20 coin-it driving game/upright/cockpit
Donkey Kong Jr. O $25 good used
Guardians of the Hood O $25 huge overlay, could be used for many large control panels
Jungle Hunt W $20 Willis artwork is great  – nicer than original
Konami GT O $25 konami driving game
Main Event O $20 large – for 4 player Konami
Phraze Craze O $  5 merit
Shootout O $20 Data East
Star Trek Next Generation Pin O $  8 sticker set of three stickers (sells for $25 elsewhere)
Steel Gunners O $25 small folds – Namco -huge
Tic Tac Trivia O $  5 merit–blowout price!
Time Pilot W $10 looks great
Trivia Whiz O $  5 merit
VS Duck Hunt, TKO Boxing VS New Game O $  5 Unused Cardboard Displays for top of game
VS Hogans Alley O $  5 Unused Cardboard Displays for top of game