6 Important Guidelines for Purchase of Any Arcade Games

When it comes to purchasing Arcade Games, Shuffle Bowling Alleys, Pinball Machines, Skee Ball, CD or 45rpm Jukeboxes for your home GameRoom, you need to consider 6 important things.  This guideline will help, whether you purchase from TNT Amusements or elsewhere!

Here are 6 important guidelines that you follow when buying arcade game of your choice:

Guideline #1 – Research the company you are buying from.

How many years have they been in business? What is their local reputation and/or complaints with the Better Business Bureau? Many companies are operating out of an office suite and maintain no showroom, unlike our company.  Some do not even stock the machines! They simply take the order and then try to locate a machine to ship directly to you.

Guideline #2 – Try to visit the showroom and make direct contact.

This way you can see the operation of the company. If it is not viable, are their current pictures of their operation online? Although “one man” operations are generally fine, do some checking on your own!

Guideline #3 – Check into the Initial Warranty & Future Service.

Remember, that its very difficult to find QUALIFIED  servicemen in this field. Most offer “free lifetime phone service”…BUT, if it’s to a cell phone that no one will ever pick up, what good is that? Do they maintain evening service hours when you are home?

Guideline #4 – Trade-Ins.

You should consider this, because in a few years, maybe you will want to get a different game.  Is there a GUARANTEED trade in price? Selling your machine privately can be troublesome!

Guideline #5 – Deliveries.

Delivery options are important. Can the company deliver the machine to you with their own crew?  Out of the area sales require a private trucking company. Curbside delivery (and you bring inside) is the norm. Will the company be open to assist you by phone when machine arrives and their are questions?  

Guideline #6 – How much work is actually done to the machine?

Was it repainted, or new decals installed?  Were the electronics removed and reconditioned? Were the unseen areas of the cabinet rebuilt (the bottom of many games is usually forgotten!)? Are there pictures or videos of finished machine available to see BEFORE delivery?

Guideline #7 – Finally, your GUT!

What is YOUR gut feeling about this deal, the machine, and the company you are about to give your $$$ to?

Follow these guidelines and you’d get a handy and entertaining collection of arcade games of your choice. The best thing is that you’d enjoy playing them all.

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