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IMPORTANT Service and Future Repair Information on our Frequently Asked Questions page!  Please read this over so you understand YOUR responsibilities when owning a classic Arcade Video Game.

Arcade game sizes

Full Size

A full-size stand-up arcade game measures approximately 25 inches wide, 33 inches deep, and 6 feet tall. Their weight ranges from 250 to 300 pounds. Some games have large control panels, but they can easily be removed to bring into your home and then re-installed with just bolts and electrical plugs, so you can do it yourself!


Cabaret or Mini- sized games are ideal for people who want a much smaller footprint. These machines are usually 20 to 22 inches wide, 28 to 32 inches deep, and 5 feet tall. They do not look as imposing as regular-size machines.

Cocktail Table

A Cocktail Table game allows two people to sit in chairs opposite each other and each would have their own set of controls to play. The screen reverses for each player’s turn.


A Cockpit style game allows players to sit in a specially-made seat that is integrated into the game cabinet. In driving and flying games, it really puts the player into the action. Many cockpit games can be wired in pairs for head-to-head gameplay.

For single-player cockpit unit is typically 26 to 31 inches wide, 5 to 6 feet long, and 4 to 5 feet tall. A double-player version is usually 5 feet wide, 5 feet long, and 4 to 5 feet tall.

Available games

Click the linked game names to see videos of reconditioned machines we have recently sold – this will give you an idea of how the games look when reconditioning is finished! We will take pictures and even a video of the completed machine for your approval before shipping!

To read details about and see pictures of any video game, visit the Killer List of Video Games website.

Full Size games

Updated May 13, 2024
ManufacturerYearPriceNotesIn showroom?
AfterburnerSega1987$2,799Control Stick vibrates—real popular simulator in upright cabinetyes
Arcade Legends Cocktail TableChicago Gaming2004$2,799250 Games! In cocktail table thats on wheelsyes
Arcade Legends 2Chicago Gaming2008$2,499Like new–smaller cabinet 25″ screen-different gamesyes
Arcade Legends 3Chicago Gaming2013$3,499140 classic games—BRAND NEW-LCD Monitor (one like new for $2999)yes
Arcade LegendsChicago Gaming2004$2,799250 classic games including Ms Pacman and Donkey Kong! Hard drive replaced with flash drive!yes
Arctic Thunder CockpitBally Midway2000$2,799Terrific Ski Themed driveryes
Asteroids Deluxe Atari1980$2,399Original space classic with super sharp vector monitor–also buy it with electronics reconditioned but cabinet as is for $1800
( we also have a working cocktail table available as is working fine for $1500)
AsteroidsAtari1979$2,299classic space game…restored in all its glory and ready for delivery
Bags/Target Toss Pro/Lawn DartsIncredible Technologies2012$2299THREE games to play in this cabaret sized game with an large LCD Monitor and trackball Buy as is working fine for $1500yes
Big Buck Hunter SafariRaw Thrills2008$2,999Reconditioned and ready to go…two shotguns…plays great! Ready for deliveryyes
Centipede-Millipede-MulticadeTeam Play2004$2,599Upgraded to SIXTY classic games to play including Ms Pacman and Donkey Kong–with both trackball and joystick and large 26″ LCD Monitor!yes
Class of 81 Multicade full sizeNamco2001$2,499with sixty classic games and 19″ LCD monitor 25″ LCD monitor for $2799 … Add $225 more for trackball featureyes
Cobra Command Laser DiscNihon Bussan1984$4,199This is the Japanese Laser Disc Game-not to be confused with the 1988 Data East version–in a Cliff Hanger cabinet
Cruisin’ Exotica CockpitMidway1995$2,699The third of three classics! Has LCD Monitor — Cruisin’ World is also available $2399 and Cruisin’ USA $1999yes
Dirt Dash Cockpit driverNamco1995$1,999Driver…with new 25″ Flat screen
Donkey Kong JrNintendo1982$2,599Buy as is working fine but before we restore it for $2000yes
Extra InningMidway1978$1,499Terrific Baseball themed game! Selling as is good condition, new power supply and Black Light bulb installed–in warehouse to see and play!yes
Golden Tee Golf COMPLETEIncredible Technologies2005$2,499all 28 courses…LCD monitor–in warehouse, but ready to go
Grand 1000 Mile Rally 2Kaneko1996$1,299Working fine upright driving–buy as is working fine for $800
GunsmokeCapcom1985$200 bottom of cabinet was wet at one time–logic board is not running–selling as is
Killer InstinctNintendo1995$1,500this was a sides…selling as is…almost boots up
Krazy BowlStrata1991$1,19925″ monitor too! As is working fine…yes
Megatouch Force Touchscreen countertopMerit2007$1,19980 touch games to play! LCD Flat Screen style other models in showroom now! Also two others in showroom now!yes
Megatouch Aurora Touchscreen CountertopMerit2011$1,699Merit’s largest screen–over 100 gamesyes
Ms Pacman
Bally Midway1981$2,299Restored side art–original cabinet….also buy a cabaret for $1999 or a cocktail for $1599
Ms Pacman Cocktail Table MULTICADEBally Midway1981$2,399The original game and cabinet (not a home made reproduction) with the original joystick that feels so great, but updated with sixty classic games! The control panels also light up
MulticadeVarious1981$1,999Two styles of cabinets to choose from in our showroom now-SIXTY classic Games to play As low as $1399 to $1999, We also have one Multicade with 19 Gamesyes
NFL BlitzMidway1999$1,9992 player classic football–new LCD monitor–buy as is working fine for $1600yes
Neo GeoSNK1989$2,499Brand New 26″ Flatscreen Monitor! Comes with 160 game cartridge–buy it without us overhauling cabinet for $1999
Off Road Challenge Cockpit DriverMidway1997$1,999great driver cockpit..ready to go!
PacmanMidway1980$2,199Original yellow cabinet in good condition–has the special 96 Pacman games in 1 board in with Joystick!yes
Police TrainerP & P Marketing1997$2,4992 player gun game..shooting gallery
PunchoutNintendo1986$3,199Classic 2 monitor game—but working fine but before reconditioning for $2200
StargateWilliams1981$2,499we have one in warehouse ready to restore!
Tetris CabaretAtari1988$1,199In cabaret cabinet with LCD monitor..selling as it is working fineyes
Tri SportsMidway1989$700Buy as is working fine ..Plays Mini Golf, Bowling and Pool–trackball rebuiltyes
Virtua Cop 2Sega1996$1,9992 Gun– 2 player game–buy as is working fine for $1000

Cockpit games

NameManufacturerYearPriceNotesIn showroom?
Cruisin’ USAMidway1995$1999Legendary Driver! also Cruising World for $2399–both in warehouse Cruising Exotica in showroom now for $2799 
Off Road Challenge CockpitMidway1997$1999Off Road driving in neat courseyes


TNT Amusements’ truck and men can deliver machines up to a maximum of 100 miles from our shop. If you are outside this range, it must get shipped by Common Carrier. Once a machine leaves our loading dock onto a commercial truck operated by a trucking company, we cannot be responsible for any damage. All carriers have a $500 deductible for damage. 

When the crated machine arrives, inspect the cardboard, pallet, and wrap. If you notice any damage, make sure the driver takes pictures of it and notes it on your delivery slip. In almost every case, the damage is a minimum and can be repaired easily by you, rather than sending the game back. We will do everything we can to assist you with the repair and tips.

See our FAQ page for full details about shipping games to your home.

Included Services

All games include a 30-day comprehensive service, one year of reduced-cost on-site service, and free lifetime phone support. See our FAQ page for full details.

Understand YOUR responsibilities when owning a classic arcade video game!

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