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Our services at TNT Amusements include arcade game repairs for video games and pinball machines, plus arcade games for sale that include in-home delivery and set-up, as well as the full parts and repair in the future. We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of high-quality reconditioned machines you can find! 

Game Repair and Refurbishment

We service and refurbish most arcade video games and pinball machines. Our game repair specialists at TNT Amusements in Bucks County offer quick and professional game repair for both new and used games. Contact us with the name of the game and the problem, and your location for a repair quote!  We can either refurbish and restore your game at TNT, or have an outside service technician come directly to you for a repair. 215-953-1188 ext 0

Services included when you buy a game from TNT Amusements

First 30 days

The initial 30 days of owning your game includes FREE parts and labor (if you are in our 50 mile service radius). If machine is shipped out, parts are free including shipping. Almost ALL failures happen during the first few days of ownership and all we ask if you spend a few moments with us over the phone trying to solve the issue. Because you are buying a RECONDITIONED machine, the issue will probably be solved in a few minutes! For 44 years we have offered this wonderful service to our customers!

For one year

If you need service AFTER the free 30-day period, you ARE covered for a FULL YEAR if the machine is in a private home and you are the original purchaser (See the Not Covered section for terms and conditions). You only have to pay a small “deductible” charge ((between $75 and $150 maximum, depending on distance) for our man to come out. The only other charge would be for whatever part failed, which you will get at cost (without a surcharge tacked on!). If you need a PCB board repaired or exchanged, we offer special low rates unmatched anywhere else FOR A WHOLE YEAR!

NOT COVERED in the above low cost service

  1. GAMES BEING USED COMMERCIALLY.  This can be an Employee Breakroom, Dentist Office, Lodge Game Room, Hotel Lobby, Store or Business!   Even if they are on “Free Play” they are getting heavy use above and beyond what use in a private home would get.  We can still fix it…just at our regular service rate!
  2. ALMOST ANY VIDEO GAME MADE AFTER 2003.  Games made after 2003 tend to be costly with a manufacturer repair the only option, as we cannot get them fixed locally.  Be prepared — as some manufacturers charge $500 or more for a board repair! This is why we mainly only want to sell the classics!  Games made by Global VR, Sega and other manufacturers use propriety computers that may require costly repairs. 
  3. PINBALL MACHINES MADE STARTING IN 2013.  Stern pinball machines beginning with Wrestle Mania,  Jersey Jack pinball machines, and several new startup Pinball Manufacturers use unique electronics that are dependable, but can be quite costly to repair after the initial factory warranty.   The PCB Boards used in all these newer pinball machines CANNOT BE REPAIRED.  They employ “surface mount” technology and require outright replacement!  The little LED lights underneath the machine are mounted on a large PC board…so if one goes out, you must REPLACE ENTIRE BOARD!  The boards are $100 and up!  Keep this in mind, if you simply MUST have a new game!  The unique parts can be costly too, but you would get them at our cost.

    However, in fairness to these newer games we have been selling since 2013, we have encountered virtually zero issues with these newer machines if the customer is NOT adding their own extras to the machine (mods like additional led “toys”, or making adjustments with the power on.
  4. Games resold to a new owner.  The remainder of the 1 year service plan cannot be transferred, as we have no control over how it is moved or packed.  The service plan is only registered to the original address.  HOWEVER, we will offer our free phone service tips and also can provide service at our regular prices if within our service area

Free Lifetime Phone Service for Arcade Game – Pinball Machine Repair

We know that your arcade games or pinball game machine needing serviced can be an inconvenience. This is why we offer free phone service tips to our Philadelphia and Bucks County customers. We have found that 90% of the time, all of the problems on machines you have purchased through us can be fixed with a simple phone call. We offer this service free to you!  PLUS—we are here in the evenings when you are HOME–no need to stay home from work during the day to call about your game! The FREE phone service tips also is extended to games used commercially. Todd himself usually can talk to you directly to rectify an issue if you are right there in front of the machine!  For 42 years we have been doing phone service and we have a stellar track record for doing so.

In-Home Delivery and Set Up for Pennsylvania, Delaware & NJ

Not only do our arcade game services including the sale and repair of arcade games but also the in-home delivery and set up! All of the arcade games for sale in our showroom are able to be delivered right to your door and set up in your home!  Contact us for our coverage areas!

We can also arrange for a professional trucking company to pick up the machine from us and deliver it to your curb anywhere in the USA. This charge can range from $200 to $600, depending on the size of the machine and your distance from TNT. 

We now have a delivery service to almost any seaport in the world for a flat $600, including special palleting and power conversion to the needed voltage! We use heavy strapping material and wrap the machine in both cardboard and wrap to prevent damage.

We Buy Your Games Outright for CASH

Are you moving and do not want to take the game(s) with you? We now offer outright cash purchases for many games! Just call us and we can give you a price…we may need a picture you can easily text to us!

Largest Selection of For Sale Arcade Games

We have the largest selection of video games from arcades for sale in not only Philadelphia and Bucks County, but in the world!  We usually have IN STOCK over 70 different Arcade Video Games and over 50 Pinball Machines! Also, we carry a nice selection of Shuffle Bowling Alleys too! 


Do you have an arcade game or pinball machine that you no longer enjoy? We may be able to take your unwanted game for credit towards another one of our fine games. Just call us and we can give you a price…we may need a picture you can easily text to us!

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