Chexx “Bubble” Hockey & Super Chexx


We sell the popular Chexx “Bubble” Hockey featuring the USA vs. Russia. The original Chexx Hockey was made from 1982 to 1988. These have the BLUE base.

Sorry, we are out of stock.

Super Chexx

Super Chexx features deluxe scoring, choice of USA or Canadian Anthem, lots of programming options, shots on goal counter, digital countdown timer, fluorescent light on the playfield, electric puck eject, and the famous “boo” button. All are manufactured by ICE in New York, and all come with TNT’s exclusive 5-year service plan!

NOT to be confused with imitation home or commercial units made by other manufacturers, these were made by the original manufacturer ICE in New York for 32 years. These still are the best units made in the world, and TNT Amusements backs them with the longest service plan on the planet!

Available Machines updated 8/8/2023

  • USED – with red base – Currently Sold Out
  • NEW – LED strip lighting under game, Jumbotron score unit with LCD screens that make a dazzling light show, with coin door but can be set for Free Play too! New in box – $4499
  • NEW – No strip lighting under game, no coin door. New in box – $3799
  • NEW – No strip lighting under game, with coin door. New in box – $4099
    Two different in stock now, call.
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