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Available pinball machines

Prices reflect SUPER BRIGHT LED’s Installed! Save $300 by requesting regular lighting with your restoration. (We don’t recommend it though)

Click the linked game names to see videos of reconditioned machines we have recently sold – this will give you an idea of how the games look when reconditioning is finished! We will take pictures and even a video of the completed machine for your approval before shipping!

To read details about and see pictures of any pinball machine, visit the Internet Pinball Database website.

Updated August 29th, 2023

Updated 9/29/2023
MfgYearPriceNotesIn Showroom?
Avengers Infinity Quest ProStern2021$6,999Pro in stock ..A new run….Premium is $9,699
Black KnightWilliams1980$4,799restored price…buy it as is, electronically working fine and you finish it for $3700
Chuck a Luck Cocktail TableGame Plan1979$2,199Rare release, that replaced the “Real Cigarette” cocktail table….very few left in the world now….brand new logic boardyes
Cactus Canyon SEChicago Gaming2023$8,199SE and SE Plus IN STOCK NOW–or one with topper (SE PLUS) for $9,250, and LE model is $10,750 (check, cash, or wire transfer)
Charles AngelsGottlieb1978$2,599Playfield has Leds, new logic board, cabinet not restored and some flaking on backglass…selling it electronically finished but as is
Disco FeverWilliams1978$2,999John Travolta classic with banana flippers–buy it before we finish cabinet and put leds in for $2100yes
Fire!Williams1987$4,299Buildings and ramps perfect…game finished! yes
FlashWilliams1978$3,799classic game….we are down to one left in our warehouse
Foo Fighters ProStern2023$6,999PRO and PREMIUM in STOCK at TNT
Premium is $9,999 Cash, check or bank transfer
Foxy Lady Cocktail TableGame Plan1979$2,299It’s hard to find a pinball in a cocktail table cabinet!
Godfather 50th anniversary Limited EditionJersey Jack Pinball2023$12,000
CE is $15,000
LE’s and CE’s are IN STOCK NOW…we have an LE set up to see and play…CE is in the box
Bank transfer or check–
(We now have one “open Box LE for $11,500)
Godzilla ProStern2022$6,999 Cash check or bank transfer PREMIUM is $9,699…can ship immediately, either model!
Guns and Roses LIMITED EDITIONJersey Jack2021$11,000 Cash, Check or Bank TransferIN STOCK in our Building! Ours are recently made–so playfields are fine! NEW in crate…Get it delivered today! I have one “Open Box” for $10,300.yes
High SpeedWilliams1986$5,199restored…and looks terrific…come in and play it!yes
Hot ShotsGottlieb1988$2,99916 Drop Targets! Brand New Main Ramp…Buy as is before we recondition it for $2400yes
Ice FeverGottlieb1984$3,199Fun Ice Hockey themed game with added top red Goal Dome!yes
Iron Maiden ProStern2018$6,999 Cash Check or Bank TransferIN STOCK NOW…a new run in 2023…In our Warehouse NOW! Premium is also available $9,699-takes a week or so
James Bond 007Stern2022Pro $6,999 & Premium $9,599 Cash, check or Bank transferPro and Premium are in stock NOW and ONE Limited is available now $14,000
James Bond 60th AnniversaryStern2023$20,000We also have available ONE “open Box” here at our shop but like brand new for $15,500 in stock!
Jurassic Park Home EditionStern2023$4,999 Cash Check or Bank TransferIN SHOWROOM NOW! come in and play in crate in warehouse yes
Jurassic Park PremiumStern2021$9,699 Cash, Check or Bank TransferBrand New In Crate…Pro also available for $6,999
Jurassic Park 30th AnniversaryStern2023$13,000 Bank Transfer, Cash or CashIN STOCK NOW–can ship immediately!
Led Zeppelin ProStern2020$6,999 Cash, Check or Bank TransferNew in crate both Pro and also a Premium for $9499 IN STOCK
Mandalorian ProStern2021$6,999 Cash, Check or Bank TransferPRO and Premium ($9699) both in stock at TNTyes
MysticBally1980$3,599Magician Themed game…one of the best classics .we are working on restoring it now! Custom drop targetsyes
No FearWilliams1994$5,199Finished with LEDS and color display (new artwork add $500)yes
PantheraGottlieb1980$3,199Wide Body jungle theme.
Pinball PoolGottlieb1978$3,699Classic Pool Table theme…buy for $2600 before we recondition it.yes
Pulp Fiction Special EditionChicago Gaming2023$7,999Taking $1000 deposit now-check/bank transfer…shipping perhaps CHRISTMAS time…and the LIMITED EDITION IS NOW SOLD OUT
RavenGottlieb1986$3, as is working fine for $2000
Royal GuardGottlieb1968$1,000Old fashioned classic and it plays fine…we are selling as it isyes
RUSHStern2022$7,299 Cash Check or Bank TransferPRO and PREMIUM ($9999) -in stock at TNT now
Six Million Dollar ManBally1979$1,000Game powers up and works…playfield is wretched…mouse peed on playfield…we have it set up in our warehouse…backglass nice…cabinet good
Star Battle cocktail tableCisco1978$2,499super rare pinball cocktail table plays and looks great
Star TrekBally1979$1500Works fine but really worn playfield…selling as isyes
Star Wars Home EditionStern2021$4,999 Cash Check or Bank TransferIN STOCK NOW!!..both Regular and Comic Book side artyes
Striker ExtremeStern2001$4,399Soccer theme, moving goalie…great shapeyes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PremiumStern2020$9,499 Cash, Check or Bank TransferPro and Premium BOTH IN STOCK NOW! Cash, Check or Bank Transfer – Pro is available for $6999 yes
Terminator 2Williams1990$5,999 ON HOLDWe sold this to a homeowner in 1995–beautiful! with color displayyes
Toy StoryJersey Jack2022$12,000 Cash, check or Bank TransferLimited Edition is IN STOCK NOW in our warehouse!! Get it today! We have one open box LE for $11,500 and Collectors Edition available for $15,000 in stock now…we have one open box for $13,500yes
VectorBally1982$3,999rare before we restore it for $2800yes
VenomStern2023$6,999Pro $6,999, Premium $9,699 and LE $12,999 will be available next week
Walking Dead ProStern2016$5,999Used but in good shapeyes

Please read our FAQ page about shipping and service once the machine arrives at your home, and how the initial warranty and all future service is handled.  We only offer in-home service on machines in our 60 mile radius of TNT Amusements here in Southampton PA.  YOU have to be our Hands, Eyes, and EARS!

Project and Parts Pinball Machines

 Sold “As-Is” – These are great deals!

CountdownGottlieb1978$1,200Complete populated playfield with everything intact and in excellent condition! Drop it right in to your game
Jacks to OpenGottlieb1983$650We have two bodies with almost complete playfields, no coin doors, and one empty head–lots of great parts


TNT Amusements can deliver machines up to a maximum of 65 miles from our shop for a nominal charge. Our own men deliver and set up the machines.

If you are outside this range, it must get shipped by Common Carrier. In some cases, we can also arrange for two men (not TNT employees) to deliver and set up if you are within a 120-mile radius.

We can arrange with nationwide trucking companies to transport your game from TNT to your home anywhere in the USA. We can also ship overseas.

Once a machine leaves our loading dock onto a commercial truck operated by a trucking company, we cannot be responsible for any damage. All carriers have a $500 deductible for damage. 

When the crated machine arrives, inspect the cardboard, pallet, and wrap. If you notice any damage, make sure the driver takes pictures of it and notes it on your delivery slip. In almost every case, the damage is minimal and can be easily repaired by you, rather than sending the game back. We will do everything we can to assist you with the repair and tips.

Included Services

All games include a 30-day comprehensive service, one year of reduced-cost on-site service, and free lifetime phone support. See our FAQ page for full details.

Understand YOUR responsibilities when owning a classic pinball game!

We have service manuals, pinball and shuffleboard parts, video game marquees and more in our Parts section.

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