Inventory: Touchscreen Games

These games have a “Lazy Susan” under them so they will spin easily to face each player and are easy to maintain. Please note that these games are covered by our exclusive 5 year service plan, however the touch screens, hard drives, flat panel monitors, and bill acceptors are not covered. We WILL repair these components, but it will be at current market rates. The monitor, logic board and power supply are covered. Due to excessive damage to these games during shipping from UPS and FedEx ground, and difficulty in getting  claims paid, we are no longer able to ship by these methods. We can ship by freight truck for $150.00 which includes crating the game. Since these games can be a considerable investment, and their delicate nature, we find that this is a small price to pay to ship your game so it gets to you in full working order.




Megatouch Gold (Cabaret only) Merit $799
Megatouch Maxx Merit $899
Megatouch Force 2002 Merit $1199
Megatouch Force 2005.5 Merit $1299
Megatouch Force 2006.5 Merit $1399