Skeeball Machines!

Classic Skeeball machines have become a rare commodity. All are 10ft long, have bull’s-eye rings and are painted red. Newer machines have additional 100 point rings in the top corners. Occasionally, 13 ft units turn up. Some also with the additional 100 point rings. There are other models too as you can see below.

Name-Updated 4/2/2024LengthManufacturerDescriptionPrice
Skee-Ball10 ftSkeeballcurrently out of stock
Bug Bash10 ftBay Tek GamesRoll orange skee balls to knock down 9 “bugs.”  Scores similar to skee ball – In Stock – buy as is working fine but with low sound for $700 IN STOCK$2,499
Ice Ball10 ft ICEIdentical to a typical skeeball, but uses white balls –new logic board-IN STOCK$3,999
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