Inventory: Skeeball Machines!

Classic Skeeball machines have become a rare commodity. All are 10ft long, have bull’s-eye rings and are painted red. Newer machines have additional 100 point rings in the top corners. Occasionally, 13 ft units turn up. Some also with the additional 100 point rings.




Dunk The Alien 10ft …made by ICE..similar to Skeeball–IN STOCK $3,599
Fireball Skeeball 10ft … Made by Baytek, but with Skeeball License..extra lighting on runway, uses orange balls and has 100’s  IN STOCK $3,799
Skeeball-oddball  10ft original machine–made from two different original units…LED Display and has the 100’s–special price-Watch video $2,499
Bug Bash 10 ft–roll skeeballs to knock down 9 “bugs”  scores similar to skeeball-In Stock–buy as is working fine but low sound for $1100 $2,499
Ice Ball 10 ft –identical to a typical skeeball, but uses white balls $3,599