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A brief paragraph here about bowling machines and how fun they are for home use. All Electronic means SUPER DEPENDABLE. Made between 1977 to 1996-the final year of production. We also update every machine with new capacitors, LED displays, new rubbers on sides and rebound in back, new bowling pins, new metal score card panel, new florescent lamps and ballasts, and an easy to change lithium battery that holds the high score and the free play option. There were only FIFTEEN Models made with electronics…below are all of them!

  • All 6 player
  • All are electronic
  • All play 5 different games
  • Regulation + Flash – Strike 90 (Plus 2 other games)

Old Style Machines

These machines are 30 inches wide, 102 inches long, and 70-72 inches tall. They have two, 2-inch side rails and peg legs in front. These were made from 1977 to 1983

Updated 710/2024

NameMfrPriceIn showroom?
AristocratWilliams/United$2599Sold Out
Triple StrikeWilliams/United$2699Sold Out
TopazWilliams/United$2499Sold Out
OmniWilliams/United$2599Sold Out
King TutWilliams/United$2599Sold Out
Big StrikeWilliams/United$2599Sold Out
TaurusWilliams/United$2599Sold Out

Modern Style Machines

27 inches wide, 103 inches long, and 72 inches tall. The two, 2-inch side rails have been eliminated so drinks cannot be spilled. Speech and Real Bowling Alley Sounds. Flash Lamps add extra excitement. These were made between 1984 and 1996–the final year of production for the world!

Updated 5/8/2024

NameMfrPriceNotesIn Warehouse
Strike Zone 1984$3,199Bowling Ball on backglassSOLD OUT*
Shuffle Inn  1989$3,599Western Bar Setting–mirrored backglass–In SHowroom now to see and playIn Stock
Tic Tac Strike  !986$3,399Honky Tonk Theme In Stock
Strike Master 1990 to 1994$3,999The newest one with the Dot Matrix Display (Save $300 and get high gloss black paint instead of artwork)In Stock
Alley Cats  1985$3,799Cats bowling in a back alleySOLD OUT*
Gold Mine  1987 $3,599Bowl with “The Old Miner” SOLD OUT*
League Champ 1995-1996
final year
$4,499Women beat the men this time aroundIn Stock
Top Dawg1988$3699Dogs flying old fashioned airplanesSOLD OUT*

*Modern-style games marked as “Sold Out” will be restocked. Check back later or join our email list to be notified when we get more.

Sometimes we have an alley with a playfield that has some minor dings in it. These machines are offered with a nice discount! Call us at (215) 953-1188 for details.

Assembly Videos

  • Assembly of a Strikemaster game. (Similar to other late model games)
  • Assembly and disassembly of older style alley game from 1977 to 1983- Taurus, Big Strike, Triple Strike, Topaz, Omni, King Tut
  • How to assemble/disassemble newer style shuffle alleys like Tic Tac Strike, Gold Mine, Strike Zone and Alley Cats
  • How to assemble/disassemble Shuffle Inn and Top Dawg Shuffle Alleys
  • How we pack a Shuffle Alley to ship out of state!


Local delivery

TNT Amusements’ own truck and men can deliver machines up to a maximum of 60 miles from our shop. We are also able to move the game(s) up or down steps and set them up too.

Within 120 miles of our showroom

We can also arrange for a delivery company (not TNT employees) to deliver and set up if you are within a 120-mile radius. If there are no steps, they will even bring it inside.

Anywhere in the USA

If you are outside this range, it must get shipped by a third-party trucking company, also known as a common carrier. Once a machine leaves our loading dock onto a commercial truck operated by a trucking company, we cannot be responsible for any damage. All carriers have a $500 deductible for damage. 

When the machine arrives

When the crated machine arrives, inspect the cardboard, pallet, and wrap. If you notice any damage, make sure the driver takes pictures of it and notes it on your delivery slip. In almost every case, the damage is a minimum and can be repaired easily by you, rather than sending the game back. We will do everything we can to assist you with the repair and tips.

If you are further away, we can have the machine picked up and brought right to your door. This custom shipping runs between $550 and $900 in the 48 states. The machine arrives assembled, so its easy to carry inside and put together in the room you want it in. 

If you have steps involved, the shipping company will drop it off in your garage, and it can easily be taken apart into two sections.  It’s just ten plug connections and 8 bolts and within 20 minutes, you will be playing!

Please read our FAQ page about shipping and service once the machine arrives at your home, and how the initial warranty and all future service is handled.  We only offer in-home service on machines in our 60 mile radius of TNT Amusements here in Southampton PA.  YOU have to be our Hands, Eyes, and EARS!

Included Service

All games include a 30-day comprehensive service, one year of reduced-cost on-site service, and free lifetime phone support. See our FAQ page for full details.

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