TNT Amusements has seen a decline in interest in the purchase of 45 rpm jukeboxes over the last 3 years. We only handle one brand of jukeboxes now, manufactured by Rowe, as we find them the most dependable with the fewest moving parts. They hold 100 records and can play both sides – so they are called 200 selection jukeboxes.

Once reconditioned, they sound great! They use a popular Shure cartridge with a new diamond needle. We also include blank title stripes so you can add your favorite songs!  

If there are already 100 45 rpm records in the jukebox you like, you can purchase them for an additional $50 (that’s 50 cents a record)!

The Jukebox below is the Rockola NOSTALGIA Model 1000–it holds 100 45rpm records and was the only other old time reproduction made other than the bubbler! This one is in beautiful condition, very colorful and filled with 100 classics $4499 IN STOCK

Hybrid 45pm/CD jukeboxes for sale

Rowe R94 jukebox

Plays 80 45rpm records and 6 CDs OR 100 45rpm records.


CD jukeboxes for sale

Rowe CD 100K

Hold 100 CDs and looks and plays great!

Has continuous color-changing LEDs throughout (can be set to just one color also)


For the tinkerer!

’70s Seeburg Jukebox

Holds 80 45 rpm records.

Powers up but the mechanism is “stuck.” It is fully complete and otherwise in good condition.

It was a trade in, was in a private home for years, and probably is easily fixed. We do not have any technicians on staff that work on this brand, so we’re happy to offer it as a bargain to YOU!

We can provide you with the phone number of a serviceman that may be able to repair it for you.


If there are already 80 records in the machine, you can purchase them for an additional $50!

We also have a 45rm Rockola filled with records and working, selling as is…its sort of ugly…but its just $400 and sounds good!

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