Inventory: Pinball Backglasses




Amazon Hunt $225 some flaking on bottom edge-rare now
Apollo 13 $85 mylar-new
Arena $75 mylar-used New $125
Aspen – Brunswick $50  hard to find home machine
Bad Girls $60 mylar-some stains
Barb Wire $35 mylar-new
Big House $30  mylar-new
Big Hurt (Frank Thomas) $35  mylar-new
Blackwater 100 $100 mylar new-LAST ONE
Cactus Jack $25 mylar-new


The black glass that covers the score displays

$30 good shape minor flacking
Demo Man $100 mylar used
Escape from Lost World $75 mylar used
Genesis $150 original-new–not a repro!
Gladiators $35 mylar-new
Love Meter $75 not a pinball, but a “Tester”
Mario Andretti $35 mylar-new
Mars God of War $150 outside glass
Millionaire $100 mylar
Playboy 35th Anniversary $150  mylar–nice
Pokerino $95  some flaking
Ready…Aim…Fire!! $25 heavily scratched, but touched up
Road Kings $65 Plexiglass –or brand new for $125
Rock Encore $125 new mylar
Secret Service $100  mylar
Six Million Dollar Man $175 good shape
Striker Extreme $100 mylar
Surfin’ Safari $25 mylar-new
Waterworld $35 mylar-new
Wipe Out $35 mylar-new