RENT our games for ONE DAY PARTY EVENTS!   At  TNT Amusements we provide both Arcade Game Rentals, Jukebox Rentals, Shuffle Bowling Alley Rentals,  and Pinball Machine Rentals to Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County, South Jersey, Central Jersey, North Jersey, Delaware!

ARCADE VIDEO GAMES like MS Pacman, SKEEBALL MACHINES, SHUFFLE BOWLING ALLEYS, SUPER CHEXX “Bubble” HOCKEY, POOL TABLES, PINBALL MACHINES  have become a permanent part of our culture. It is something everyone can relate to and have fun with. So why not provide your guests fun they will never forget with REAL arcade machines for your next gathering. They can provide a unique twist to otherwise typical birthday parties, corporate parties, family get-togethers, picnics, company events, and so many other things!   Our games have provided fun and amusement for over 20,000 events since we began renting machines in 1985! We were also voted “Best of” in Philadelphia Magazine for party rentals a few years back.

Top Quality Arcade Video Game Rentals & Pinball Machine Rentals direct to your HOME or COMPANY. Even Hotels and Halls!  Anywhere you have rented or wish to have entertainment!  Our staff delivers, sets up and picks up after event!  ANYWHERE you are having an event, WE can be there with our machines!

Who wouldn’t enjoy a timeless game of pinball? Our full size PINBALL MACHINES are a hit at any kind of celebration including church parties, reunions and even weddings!  Up to FOUR can play a pinball machine too!   Other games to rent:

7 foot  POOL TABLE

High Grade FOOSBALL Table – 2 to 4 can play

8 ft AIR HOCKEY Table

BASKETBALL TOSS (two hoops) (this folds out to 9 ft long)

A real 10 foot SKEEBALL Machine (not the toy plastic one others rent!)  


SHUFFLE BOWLING ALLEY that up to SIX can play–just like real bowling!  9 ft long

Arcade Games and Pinball Machines

We no longer rent Ping Pong Tables…sorry!

 AND—we have all the classic arcade video games you played in the past…Ms Pacman, Centipede, Galaga, Dig Dug,. Donkey Kong, Burgertime, Space Invaders, & 40 others…we also have available special 4 person machines like SUNSET RIDERS (4 players),  THE SIMPSONS (4 players), HIGH IMPACT Football 4 player,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 players),   and our most popular—MULTICADE–with SIXTY classic games to play like Ms Pacman, Burgertime, DOnkey Kong & Galaga and others.  And who can forget those 2 player fighters like MORTAL KOMBAT, STREET FIGHTER, and others!  These are REAL arcade machines…but we have them set for FREE PLAY so no coins needed!  Your guests play free—and as long as they like!

You simply would not believe HOW POPULAR these games will be at your event….and our pricing includes OUR truck and men delivering and setting up the machines, and pickups when event is over in our delivery radius.  We use no sub contractors…you are dealing with TNT!   (There may be a delivery charge if the event is outside of our general radius…inquire!)

Our pinball and arcade game rentals are available for ONE DAY use or extended rental programs for one week, one month, two months or six months. At TNT Amusements we are here to accommodate all of your arcade game and pinball rental needs. That is why we provide you with fast service, affordable prices and a large amount of rental options described below.


One Day PRICES on Video Games, Pinball Machines, Foosball, Pool Tables, Super Chexx, Skeeball Machines, more  (see picture on top)

SPECIAL:  If we are delivering machines to a PRIVATE HOME with no steps, we offer a reduced rate of $275 for first machine and $245 for each additional machine!  If machine is rented for a SATURDAY event, we will also let you enjoy the machine(s) FREE on SUNDAY and we will pick up on Monday!!

STEPS:  We no longer do flights of steps.

  Sometimes you can locate the

machines in another room that does not have steps–we have found that your

garage can be the perfect place to put the machines for the event, and then no

additional charge! 


Optional Extended Rental Program — Need games longer??  For one week, simply add $100 per machine, 



Digital Bubbler Downloader Jukebox–this beautiful machine features 8 bubble tubes and two color changing drums packed into the classic 1946 style jukebox cabinet you have seen and loved!  The best  part is it contains over 300 full CD albums–hundreds of songs from ALL eras!  PLUS, you can install ANY of your favorite CD’s right on the spot–to play through its super HIGH FIDELITY system of 5 speakers!   $275


*Bonus- Add any arcade game for $225 each (Private Home rental only)

Get a Pinball Machine–either a flashy new style or an old fashioned style!  Everyone LOVES playing pinball and all of ours allow FOUR people to play! 

            Or How About a MULTICADE??   All the original classics—Ms Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, Frogger–in one cabinet!!


Please Note:  There is an additional charge for deliveries outside our area, up to six steps, and late or weekend pickups/deliveries.  We may not be able to rent to you if there is a FULL FLIGHT of steps.  Inquire by calling us now at 215-953-1188 ext 0.